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Shared adventures in small groups

Traveling in a small group is one of the best ways to experience any new destination, and allows you to experience the world in a way traveling solo (or in a large bus tour) just can’t offer. Sharing your adventures with others means more fun, more laughs, and better memories. Our groups sizes are designed to maximize the benefits and camaraderie of a small group without being so large that the overall experience or group dynamic suffers.

Experiences are meant to be shared

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Small groups, great connections

It’s almost a given that new life-long friendships will form on each of our trips. The shared sense of wonder for new and different places, cultures, and experiences draws you closer to those around you. You’ll find yourself connecting to other people from all walks of life, simply through this experience of your shared adventure together.

Not just a group, a group of friends

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On track, off the beaten path

Every country has its highlight destinations, and we love them as much as the next traveller. There’s a reason they are popular! But that doesn’t mean we have to see them in the same exact way. Take a left where others turn right; follow a local to avoid the crowd. We’ll arrive at the same destination via the lesser trodden path. We embrace the road less travelled.

Places you want to go, along a road less travelled

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Travellers, not tourists

To us, a tourist is an outsider looking in. A traveller, on the other hand, is someone who experiences the place, its people, and culture, up close and personal. Interacting with locals and actually participating in their daily lives and activities is how we do this.

Going local; experiencing the real thing

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Outside of the box, beyond expectations

Coming up with great itineraries means thinking outside of the box, and using a little imagination. A fantastic location without suitable accommodation? Build a deluxe camp. A long, hot walk from the ferry to the bus station? Organize a tuk-tuk rally. There are countless ways to spice activities to make them fun, fresh, and unique.

One of a kind Inspirit experiences

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Balanced itineraries, free time & activities

We feel that there’s a balance to strike between included activities, free time, and overall cost of the trip. Our trips were designed with a blend of included activities/tours and enough free time in each destination for people to do their own thing. Allowing people to choose what they want to do also allows for different interests to be accommodated. Our trip leaders are always on hand to help arrange local activities.

The freedom to just-the-way-you-like it

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