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Ensuring our guests are safe on tour with us is our number one responsibility.

While many aspects of a trip are within our control, there are often unforeseen and unpredictable elements which can arise, including natural disasters, political uprisings, outbreaks, and more. Our job is to stay attuned to local conditions and monitor any situation with up-to-the-minute updates from our extensive network of local contacts.

In this online age, information travels fast, and social media can be a great way for updates to be shared quickly by those on the ground. However, it is also important to ensure we always have the full view of any situation, and having a local’s perspective to provide proper context is essential.

Official travel advice is offered by all major governments, and we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the information provided. Here are a few links to help:

United States — Bureau of Consular Affairs

United Kingdom — Foreign and Commonwealth Office 

Australia — Department of Foreign Affairs

Recent Updates

June 27, 2018 : Nationwide protests, Nicaragua

Protests are still ongoing in parts of Nicaragua, centered primarily around Managua and Leon, and, sadly, have resulted in numerous deaths and injuries.

While many areas of the country are relatively unaffected by the protests, road blocks and civilian checkpoints are widespread. Reports from travelers have indicated that tourists are still made to feel welcome, however, the situation — especially around the road blocks — is tense. Our Nicaragua departures remain on hold until further notice.

The Nicaraguan people are warm, caring, friendly, and hospitable. Our hearts go out to them while they deal with these incredibly difficult times in their country.

June 4, 2018 : Fuego volcano eruption, Guatemala

Thank you for your emails and messages expressing your concern about our safety and the situation in Antigua after Fuego’s violent eruption on Sunday. Our team is safe, and in Antigua things are relatively normal — efforts are focused on cleaning the ash. The rest of Guatemala’s main destinations are completely accessible and operating normally. Guatemala’s international airport, La Aurora, re-opened today at 8:30 am local time.

Lamentably, villages close to the volcano were deeply affected – lives have been lost and survivors have been left with nothing. We are very saddened by all of this, but we are heartened to see that the entire country is rallying in support of those affected. Today our team will be delivering food and medicine to one of the shelters.

All trips are operating as usual. We will continue to closely monitor the situation, and will keep you informed if there are any further developments.


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