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Ensuring our guests are safe on tour with us is our number one responsibility.

While many aspects of a trip are within our control, there are often unforeseen and unpredictable elements which can arise, including natural disasters, political uprisings, outbreaks, and more. Our job is to stay attuned to local conditions and monitor any situation with up-to-the-minute updates from our extensive network of local contacts.

Recent Updates

Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

UPDATED: March 14th 2020


At this chaotic time in the world with regard to the international response to Covid-19 outbreak, we have taken the decision to cancel all of our upcoming trips through May 30th. More and more countries are advising their citizens against traveling abroad, and local governments are ever increasing travel restrictions and limiting public gatherings. We are also seeing more and more flight disruptions as the airlines grapple to handle all the travel bans in place. At this point we feel we have no other choice but to preemptively stop all trips until the situation normalizes.

Trips that are currently under way will continue to run, including our March 21st Mexico Mistico departure.


Passengers wishing to cancel a trip that has not yet been cancelled by Inspirit will have the opportunity to re-book for a future trip, avoiding any cancellation penalties.

Passengers on any of the upcoming departures that were cancelled by Inspirit are being provided a full refund.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us at any time with any questions or concerns.


We will continue to post updates as new developments occur.


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