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Belize is an exotic and stunningly beautiful English-speaking country. Belize deserves its reputation as a diving and snorkelling paradise. Belize’s crystalline Caribbean waters are home to the Western Hemisphere’s largest barrier reef system, inhabited by an enormous kaleidoscope of fish, sponges, crustaceans, and corals.

But a visit to the mainland reveals another Belize, crisscrossed with Maya archaeological sites and ceremonial caves, dense with jungles and wetlands, and rich with the unique traditions of the Maya, Garífuna, Latino, and other cultures found here.

In Belize, endless adventures await—hiking, caving, zip lining, tubing, birding, rappelling, sport fishing, wind surfing, and more. But whether you choose Belize’s cays and atolls, mainland beaches, or rainforest lodge escapes, it’s also the perfect place to unwind in a hammock, sipping a cool drink to the serenade of birds in the jungle canopy or the sound of gently breaking ocean waves.

Inspirit can offer you a number of different small group vacations such as our 8 day “Pirata Maya” which takes in Mexico’s Riviera Maya as well as the highlights of Belize. If you have a bit longer we really recommend our 15 day “Playa and Maya” trip which takes you from Mexico’s Riveria Maya, through Belize and some of the best spots in Guatemala!

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