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Guatemala has so much cultural and geographic diversity in one small country. It boggles the mind! It is home to everything from ancient Maya temples and Spanish colonial cities to cloud-shrouded highland villages and vibrant Caribbean towns.

It has spewing active volcanoes, lazy rivers, remote cloud forests, and vast swaths of untamed jungle. But what truly makes it unique are its indigenous peoples—21 Maya groups and the Garífuna people —whose distinctive cultures, languages, and centuries-old traditions continue to thrive today.

You can explore Guatemala with Inspirit in many ways. Check out our most popular vacations like our 9 day “Guate Guate” highlights small group tour concentrating in the Maya highlands of Guatemala.  Another short trip is our 8 day “Guatemala Increible” which concentrates on the Maya temples of the northern rainforests and includes our unique Uaxactun community experience and a visit to Semuc Champey. If you have a bit longer we really recommend putting those two tours together which is our 15 day “Guatemala Total” trip. And of course you can combine Guatemala with Mexico and Belize on our mega 29 day “Magia Latina” Central America vacation.

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Popular trips in Guatemala


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