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Panama delivers the best of beach life along its coasts and a fascinating range of wildlife, natural scenery, and urban buzz inland. Panama is a tropical crossroads between two oceans and two continents.

On Panama’s Pacific shores, surfers encounter challenging waves and ideal breaks, while divers marvel at spectacular marine life. On Panama’s the Caribbean side, the unspoiled islands of Bocas del Toro form a beautiful archipelago with kaleidoscopic reefs.

Inland wonders include Panama’s only volcano and tallest mountain, Volcán Barú, soaring 3,475 metres (11,401 ft) over cool, forested highlands. Rugged trails, river safaris, and canopy tours reveal the jungle’s secrets.

In contrast, Panama’s cosmopolitan capital offers nonstop, big-city bustle and nightlife, not far from the country’s namesake canal. Bridging the Americas and joining oceans, Panama can be as tranquil or as exciting as you want it to be.

Check out our most popular tours below like the full deal 16 day “Tico Panameno” or our 9 day “Dos Costas” (Two Coasts) which packs in the best of Panama, from Caribbean to Pacific coasts. Of course if you really want to vacation in Central America why not do the whole thing with our 58 day “Centro America Total“.

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