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Inspirit ethos

We focus on building partnerships with locals.

Our approach is the same no matter where we go: work and partner as much as possible with locally owned ventures. Whether eating, sleeping, embarking on a local activity, or transferring from place to place, you can be assured that by working with locally owned outfits your participation helps creates a long-lasting positive impact on locals. Benefitting the local economy and embracing its people is a crucial part of our what we do, and what our experiences offer.


Spend time with the UaxactĂșn Maya Community in Guatemala

Our trip leaders are region locals, and professionally certified.

All Inspirit trip leaders are qualified tour guides, professionally certified by the national regulatory body of their country of origin. We’ve taken the decision to only work with professional tour guides in order to offer the best, and safest travel experience possible. Many of our trips cross borders so when traveling outside of their home country, our trip leaders will bring on locally certified guides wherever it is required.


Discover sand, sea and adventure with our trip leaders across Belize & Mexico

We give back to our local communities.

The regions we visit give so much to us — enriching our lives through experiences! — and so we want to do all we can to “give back” on each one of our trips. Supporting local grass-roots organizations is one of the best ways we can ensure desperately needed resources actually reach the people in need. On each of our journeys we support a different local NGO, and often we can incorporate a visit or some interaction during the trip.


Meet the indigenous people of Chamula and Zinacantan in Mexico

We believe in ethics

This means saying no to child labour or sexual exploitation of any kind. It means actively promoting animal welfare and the protection of wildlife, especially vulnerable and endangered species. It means respecting and protecting natural habitats and minimizing our impact on the environment. It means being sensitive to local customs and cultural norms. It means treating everyone with fairness and respect.


Start your adventure and witness the awesome power of mother nature in Costa Rica

We keep things above board

It’s our responsibility to remaining in good standing with our community, which means playing by the rules. We ensure that all of our operational partners are in regular compliance with local regulations, hold valid operational permits, licenses, etc. We abide by an anti-bribe/corruption policy, and payments to local partners are made via official channels to ensure local taxes are paid, where due.

Take it all in. Leave only footprints

learn more about how we minimize our environmental impact


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