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You simply get more for your money with Inspirit

We include more on our trips, and for a lower total price. How? By being smart with your money. We know how to piece together the very best trip elements that combine the best experience for the best price. We also include many more value-added items that you just wont find anywhere else. Why? Because we want you to have an amazing trip and tell everyone you know about it! In over 16 years of running trips in Latin America, our team has learned that it’s often the smallest things that make the biggest difference, and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to create a memorable experience.

More experiences included, for a lower total price

Our trip leaders are certified, licensed tour guides

All our trip leaders are region locals, certified, and licensed tour guides in their country of origin. Safety and professionalism are top priorities for us, and the best way to ensure both is to hire only professional, licensed guides to lead our trips. Having a licensed guide on the trip allows us to offer more guided activities than normal, including some official sites and monuments on certain itineraries.

Licensed, certified tour guides as trip leaders

‘Inspirit Special Touches’ set us apart

Inspirit Special Touches are those extra wow-factor moments — big or small — that we arrange on each of our trips. A key element of Inspirit since its early inception was an almost singular focus on the experience of our guests. We knew that with a little extra effort and a lot of creativity, we could pack our trips full of moments that would create more memorable experiences, and better value for money than any of our competitors.

Specialists in memorable experiences that don't cost a fortune

We’ve done the groundwork, so you don’t have to

Travelling through foreign countries is exciting. It can also be a logistical challenge. When you book with Inspirit, rest assured that we’ve done all the careful planning in advance, so you don’t have to. Spend more time experiencing the best of what the region has to offer. Sit back and enjoy the ride. Leave the rest to us.

Details. Sorted

We’re the ones with the Total Satisfaction Guarantee

Our guests should be happy while travelling with us, or we’ve done something wrong! If you are not satisfied with any portion of your trip that’s within our control, we’ll make it right. And if we can’t, we’ll give your money back. Yes, you read that correctly. We offer a money-back guarantee on our trips. We believe in them that much. Conditions apply, find out more

If you're not happy, we're not happy. Guaranteed

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