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What’s it all about?

As the name might suggest, the Inspire Team is all about inspiring others to travel. And more specifically, to travel with the most exciting new tour operator for 18- to 39-year-olds, backed by Central America’s most reputable tour company.

We’re building a select team of enthusiastic young individuals to help us spread the word about Inspirit Travel, and about low impact, responsible travel to Latin America that benefits local communities. There are so many rich and rewarding experiences awaiting us south of the border, and yet so few people really understand what’s out there.

We want to open the eyes of those thirsty for something different, those looking for true once-in-a-lifetime experiences, and those wishing to make a positive impact while they travel. But we can’t do it all on our own. We need people like you to help!

Am I right for the Inspire Team?

Being part of the Inspire Team means you are excited about travel — especially international travel — and you love to share your experiences with others. You have always been curious about other cultures, and have travelled abroad before — or at least always wanted to! You might be bilingual (though this is not a strict requirement), and are fun-loving, adventurous, and willing to try new things.

Inspire Team members are also highly professional, motivated, and enthusiastic students who are:

What would I actually be doing?

As an Inspire Team member, you will become a face and voice of Inspirit, and help get the word out about our trips through local networking.

You will communicate and engage with others, both online and offline, in meaningful ways to increase Inspirit’s brand awareness and inspire people to book trips with us.

Is this a Brand Ambassador role?

We don’t really like the term Brand Ambassador as we feel it does not encompass all this program has to offer. Also, the ambassador term has become watered down by so many companies that just want to get college students to promote their products for them.

Inspire Team members are fully engaged with Inspirit, and while there is a certain “ambassador” aspect to the role, the team plays an active role in actually shaping our company, our image, and our products. We encourage and invite our Inspire Team members to travel on our trips, to help with product testing through our Explorer Program, and to collaborate on advertising and marketing campaigns that will appeal to our target audience. Think of the Inspire Team as more of a work experience program or a paid media internship.

Do Inspire Team members get paid?

Yes. In addition the experience of working and collaborating with an established international travel company with opportunities to travel abroad, join our exclusive Explorer trips, etc, you will be awarded points for inspiring people to book onto one of our trips. Those points may be exchanged for cash payment, or applied toward one of our trips.


Are you inspired?


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